Party food!

I attended my first Happy 40th Birthday party of the year. My friends and I are all turning forty this year. It was hosted by my friend Jenny for her BFF Jerry at her house. The spread was incredible. It was buffet style and there was a bit of everything. I can't even begin to list all the food. The plate above was my first helping with fried instant noodles, sweet and sour pork, homemade spring rolls, chicken wings, shrimp, and spicy pork chop. YUM!

The birthday cupcakes...40 cupcakes with 40 candles...took forever to light and almost set off the fire alarm. They were delicious. Chocolate cake with a shortbread cookie.

This platter above is un-named...I have no idea what it is....kind of custardy...jello-y...slightly sweet with cookie crumbs for dipping. It was interesting but I like something a bit more decadent.
This was my contribution. Triple chocolate Ghiradelli brownies. It's made from a mix that I buy from Costco. Everyone always raves about these brownies. I love them 'cause it literally takes 3 minutes to mix and then 45 min. in the oven and you have pure heaven on a platter!

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