Littlest Pet Shop Cake/Froggy Themed Cake

It was a double birthday party at my friend's house. She had a girly party for her six year old in the afternoon and then a dance party for her eleven year old in the evening. Of course I was in charge of the cake so here are my creations for the day.

Littlest Pet Shop Beach Party

These were made similar to the Teddy Beach Cupcakes. Sand was made from crushed graham crackers and fruit roll-ups were used for towels. I think the little parasols make the cake so much more fun.

Looked great all lit up with candles!
Hoppy Birthday Frog Cake for the big boy!
Happy birthday Zoey and Holden!! The kids had a great time and everyone thought the cakes were so cute.

Who says camping has to be rough?

Our family went camping this weekend with five other families. Great weather, great company and amazing food. As I packed for the weekend my husband commented about all the comforts of home that I was bringing along...such as rice cooker, electric griddle and butane stove. I explained to him that since there would be electicity on site that we didn't have to really rough it. Sleeping in a tent is rough enough.

Here are some photos of the delicious food.

BBQ Wings
Adult "juice" boxes
Thai Green Chicken Curry
Nutella Banana Campfire pies (kinda like grilled cheese without the cheese)
Open faced smores
Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the BBQ ribs, chicken souvlaki and pulled beef...I was too busy devouring these to even remember to take some photos.

Weekend with the girls!!

What a weekend!! The husbands and boys went camping and the wives hung out together at my sister's place. We had so much fun!! It was like a three day pajama party!! We shopped...we cooked...we ate. What more can a girl ask for?

We did manage to go out for sushi the first night and then fish and chips for lunch the next day. However what I enjoyed most was cooking together. That's the time we really bonded as we chopped, sliced, fried and assembled our delicious dishes. I loved watching the women cook in their own unique styles. One girl loved to slice up everything into pretty bowls...for her it was all presentation. Another just slapped everything together...voila! But no matter how it was prepared everything was delicious.

Here are a few of the yummy dishes cooked up by some very yummy mummies

Make your own was a mixed veggie, spinach and cheese omlette.

Dinner was corn on the cob, butter chicken and korean short ribs.

Keira is waiting to make her own crepe...hmmm...what to choose!

My creation was banana, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Simple but yummy!