Chicken Fried Rice

I think the theme this week with the foodie blogs is fried rice. I've seen at least three different blogs with three different kinds of fried rice. I've made it myself twice this week. Fried rice is so versatile...any kind of leftover meat...some fried egg...salt...and some soya sauce and you've got a delicious and quick meal. I usually scramble a couple of eggs with a pinch of salt, cut up the leftover meat in small slivers and quickly fry it quickly to heat. Set it aside. Fry the rice until heated thoroughly and add soya sauce and salt to taste. Done.
Here are two other blogs that have fried rice this week...
Spoon it on - Shrimp Fried Rice
Mochachocolata-Rita - Spicy Green Chilli Fried Rice

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  1. fried rice...all time favorite comfort food...and can be done with so many variations ^_^ yum!