Dimsum Breakfast at Perfect Chinese Restaurant in Toronto

Hubby took half the day off work today so we decided to go for Chinese dimsum for breakfast. Dimsum is usually served for breakfast or lunch but the Perfect Chinese Restaurant in Toronto serves it 24 hours a day. I like going with at least four people just so you can order a variety of different foods. Today there was only three but I think we did alright. Unfortunately my friend wasn't adventurous enough to want to try chicken feet or beef inards but we were stuffed by the time we finished. Of course two hours later I was hungry again. Dimsum also makes me sleepy for some reason...maybe it's the MSG...or the excess carbs.

Here is what we ordered today...

Har Gow - Shrimp Dumplings
Deep fried Tofu stufffed with shrimp
Deep fried squid

Beef Cheung Fun
Garlic ribs served on rice
Shrimp and snowpea leaves in a dumpling
Steamed minced pork wrapped in fried bean curd
Curry Octopus

Nachos & Wings - Casey's, Scarborough

Hubby is away on business again and when he's away I usually make it a treat to go to McD's after swimming. However...I was craving nachos and wings...

My favourite place for nachos & wings is Casey's in Scarborough. Loaded with salsa, cheese, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, black olives and green onions...delicious! I think the best I've had so far.

The wings are dusted and mild. Love them...especially dunked and dripping in blue cheese dressing..yummmm...

I was shocked when we finished all the wings and all the nachos...and the kids still wanted more! I was thinking that we would be taking a big doggy bag home instead they were picking the cheese off the tray.

Theatre Popcorn

Nothing beats a bag of theatre popcorn...with becel topping. We took the kids to watch "17 Again" and we went through two large bags of popcorn and two large Cokes. There really isn't any comparison when it comes to popcorn from the theatre. I don't know why it's so yummy. We usually ask the server to put Becel in the middle and then the top...that way there is buttery goodness throughout.

Honey & Garlic Cuisine, Markham

Today was the actual day my in-laws were married 50 years ago. We celebrated last week because some of the kids couldn't make it today but during the week plans changed and everyone was available. We went back to the same restaurant as last week. Honey & Garlic Cuisine in Markham. The food is always good.

Tonight we ordered the set dinner for ten and added two more dishes, vegetarian chow mein, sweet & sour pineapple tofu, and snowpea leaves fried in garlic.

Nibbles to start...pickled ginger, pickled cucumbers and honey, garlic taro.
Stirfried fish with crispy skin
Fried tofu with Broccoli
Crispy Chicken with Shrimp Chips
Abalone with Baby Bok Choy
Snowpea leaves stirfried with garlic
Lobster stirfried with garlic and ginger
Crab Claws
Vegetarian Chow Mein
Sweet & Sour Pineapple Tofu
Beef and Mushrooms on a bed of Asparagus
Honey and Garlic Oysters with fried Taro
Warm Tofu with Ginger Soup
Black Sesame Soup Dessert

Asian Legend, Toronto - Northern Chinese Food

Tonight after an exhausting day at Wonderland we decided to go for dinner at Asian Legend. We decided to go to the one close to home at Brimley and Sheppard in Scarborough. It was busy and we ended up waiting almost 45min. Weekends are crazy there. It's better to go early.

By the time we got a table we were starving. Here is a run down of our dinner.


Jellyfish salad (Served cold, has a slight sesame oil flavour)
Steamed Soup Filled Pork Dumplings (they are famous for these soup filled dumplings. Caution when eating them because if you bite it incorrectly the hot soup can squirt out)
Glutinous Rice Roll with Meat Floss (one of my favourites)

Onion Pancake
Main Dishes:
Shredded Pork with Pickled Vegetables Noodle Soup
Chunky Beef with Noodles Soup
Chicken and Salty Fish Fried Rice
Crispy Fried Banana with Honey (this is usually one of my favourites but tonight was disappointing. It is a banana fritter dipped in a candy syrup and when it is dipped in ice water becomes like a hard candy shell...much like a candy apple. So it should be a crispy candy shell outside and a warm banana fritter inside but tonight the water wasn't cold enough so the candy coating didn't harden. I was very disappointed.

ANOTHER feast from the weekend...

How do you show love? By making sure their tummies are full. We ate a lot this weekend. Relatives were in town and it was a time to eat together. Here is our goodbye dinner...another Chinese feast.

Here are all the dishes...

Meat Platter - Soya Sauce Chicken, BBQ Pork, Roasted Duck
Crab balls

Steamed Free Range Chicken

Tofu and shrimp soup

Fried beans with minced pork topped with fried fish
Three types of mushroom and veggies
Sweet & Sour pork
Deep fried pork chop with corn sauce
Braised fish and tofu on a bed of lettuce
Green bean soup for dessert
Almond cookies
Mango jello

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

It was my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary last weekend so we got together for a Chinese feast at Honey & Garlic in Markham. It was a traditional Chinese banquet style dinner with ten courses. We have a very big family...including children there were 15 people.

Nibbles before dinner...

Roasted pork

Crab claws

Baby spinach with dried scallops

Fake shark fin soup (used chicken instead)

Crispy skin chicken with shrimp chips

Dungenous Crab and lobster

Steamed fresh fish with soya sauce

Fried E-Fu Noodles

Shrimp fried rice

Birthday buns (steamed with lotus paste inside)

We had a choice of two different dessert soups.

We chose Black Sesame Soup

and warm tofu with sweet ginger sauce.

In addition to the ten course meal we ordered two vegetarian dishes for my sister-in-law.
Fried tofu with dried mushroom and vegetables

Three different mushrooms with veggies.

Needless to say we were stuffed by the end...especially after two bowls of the black sesame soup. YUM!!!