I really think I'm turning Guyanese. I've been craving Guyanese food lately especially since my "Mum" has been on vacation and won't be back for another week. Before she left she made me some Chana and I thought it was pretty tasty. Chickpeas were on sale last week so I thought I would attempt to make some for myself.

Today I had the urge to try something new and thought about those chickpeas. I tried to look up a couple of recipes but they all looked like my Dal recipe so I thought I would just wing it and see what happens. I pulled out some onion, tomato, garlic and some salted codfish. Fried it all up and added some salt, a bit of sugar, fresh coriander and one weary weary pepper. Well...I'm not going to say it was wasn't...but it wasn't horrible.

It looked great while it was cooking but once it was cookedt I felt it was missing something...maybe not enough pepper...or not enough salt...I will definitely try to follow a recipe next time. It looked great though...

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  1. oh gawd. i absolutely love chickpeas and always look for ways to eat them (other than eating them right off the can. hehe)...thanks for the recipe :)