Bubble and Squeek

I haven't had many pics to post this week. We are still eating Saturday's party food. Today I made "Bubble and Squeek". I had a British friend that had told me about this dish but I had never had a chance to try it. I had a huge dish of mash potatoes left over and I knew the kids would not eat microwaved mash. I've always wanted to try making this dish and this was a perfect opportunity. I heated up my frying pan and added some vegetable oil. I threw in the mash with any leftover veggies we had...broccoli, corn, carrots and green beans. I flattened the mash on the bottom of the pan, waited for it to brown, and then fold it over. I continued to do this until there was bits of crusty potato throughout. I brushed it with some butter and a pinch of salt. The kids loved it. I served it with the leftover prime rib.
If anyone has and actual recipe for this I would really love it if you could forward it to me.

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