Cream of corn Chicken and Green Curry Chicken on Rice

I was looking for a quick meal tonight. I came home from a visit to my mother's house and needed something quick and easy. I was so sleepy since I had a very late night and we lost an hour of sleep due to daylight savings time. I could barely keep my eyes open today.

Anyhow, I took out some frozen already marinated chicken that I had prepared last week and fried that up. Then I separated the chicken into two portions and made Thai Green Curry Chicken for my husband and I and then in the frying pan made the kids Cream of Corn Chicken. Two super simple dishes.

The Thai Green Curry was from a can. I like to use Aroy-D Green Curry since my friends from Thailand tell me that it's the most authentic they've ever tasted. It comes with the bamboo shoots and the basil. I add the chicken and a couple of handfuls of frozen veggies and voila, it's delicous.

For the kids I poured a can of cream of corn into the frying pan with the cooked chicken with a cup of chicken broth. I used Campbells already prepared broth. When it comes to a boil I like to crack two eggs into the pan and then slowly stir for that egg drop soup look. I don't have to add any additional seasoning since the chicken and the soup already has salt. The kids love it.

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