Meatballs at Ikea

My kids love the meatball dinner at Ikea. I love that they eat it without any complaints! I took my daughter there for a playdate this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised that the meatball dinner was only $2.99. What a deal! We ate 'til we were full and it only cost me $5.65. The deal is on for the whole month of March so I guess we'll be eating there at least once a week. Hehehe...

My friend and I like meeting up at Ikea because we can have a relaxing lunch, then throw the kids into the childminding, walk around in peace and then grab ice-cream and coffee before leaving. Btw, snackbar has pretty good deals and cinnamon bun $1.00, two hotdogs and drink $2 or a hotdog for $0.50. In these recessionary times how can you go wrong!

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