Panfried dumplings

My mother likes to make dumplings, freeze them , and then pack them into care packages for my sister and I. I've only made dumplings once in my almost 40 years and maybe now is the time to start doing the same. It's not hard.

She takes a pound of ground pork, cooked napa cabbage (strained and towel dried), some chopped water chestnuts, handful of shrimp and then season with soya sauce, salt and a bit of sugar. Mix it all up and then wrap with wonton wrappers. There are many different kinds so you may have to experiment to see which ones you like. Dumplings are so versatile. You can add whatever you like...I know some people add dried mushrooms, chinese sausage, green onion...all up to you.

I usually boil my dumplings until they float and then drain and panfry them until they are brown and crispy. Right at the end I put a couple of dollops of oyster sauce and toss the dumplings until they are nicely coated and the heat carmelizes the sugar.

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