Finger Lickin' Good

It's a tradition that whenever I visit my sister we buy Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch or dinner. We made it up early enough for lunch today.

I've grown up with KFC and it brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. My cousin's grandfather used to work there and he would sometimes drop off a meal after work. It was a very special treat since my parents only made us Chinese food. They don't have it on the menu anymore but you could get an entire loaf of bread already buttered. If I close my eyes I can almost taste it.

My kids love KFC almost as much as I did. I still enjoy it once in awhile. I actually love the popcorn chicken with the honey mustard sauce. It's very addictive.

As you can see my sister tried to make it healthier by serving Greek Salad instead of fries. It's just not the same...

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