Korean Pork Bone Soup

Hubby came home from his business trip today ready for some Chinese Food. However, I am still feeling under the weather so we decided to go to the Chinese Food Court. There is a Korean Food Stall there and I've always wanted to try the Korean Pork Bone Soup. Whenever we go to this particular food court there are at least two or three people slurping the soup and sucking on these pork bones. I'm not a soup person and hate deviating from what I know but it was just too tempting to pass up this time.
The soup was a bit spicy but not overpowering. I hate it when the heat burns my tongue and I can't taste or experience my meal. There were four different pieces of pork bone in the soup and the meat was so tender it melted in my mouth.

It also came with some steamed rice so I grabbed my daughter's egg yolk from her dinner and some bulgogi from my husband's and made myself a tasty side dish. I was surprised how yummy tonight's dinner was...especially from the food court.

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  1. I love bulgogi. I haven't tried pork bone soup before. I'll have keep my eye out for that, the next time I eat korean.