"A Day at the Beach" Cupcakes

My friend is throwing a birthday bash tomorrow at the beach for her two year old daughter. When she asked me for party ideas I suggested doing beach themed cupcakes. It wasn't a complete surprise when she asked me to make them for her. I took up the challenge and here is the completed project.

Teddy Grahams dressed in bikinis lying on fruit roll-up beach towels on graham cracker sand with a drink umbrella for shade.

Happy birthday Maya!! Hope it was a good one!!

Mr. Greek's Mediterranean Grill - Toronto

I've been so busy lately with friends in town from Hong Kong and Seattle. Busy means eating. I'm so exhausted from late nights going for bubble tea or late night coffees. It's been a week long marathon of food. There is one meal that we must have when my friends come home and that's Greek food. We managed to make our way down to the Danforth for our fix of souvlaki. I had the Original Pork Souvlaki with a side of fries and Greek salad. Delicious as always!

Potluck Pool Party

The best part of summer is potluck pool parties at my house. My friends and I love to get the kids together to swim and then eat together. I love trying new foods.

Here is what was on the menu tonight.

Biryani Rice - my friend's version since she knew I was craving this.

Chicken in Tandoori Sauce
Costco Mild Chicken Wings
Korean BBQ Short Ribs