Chinese Bakery

One of my favourite no fuss lunch for the kids is buns from the Chinese bakery. I love going there and smelling the freshly baked breads and buns. My favourite is actually the egg tart...a sweet egg custard in a flaky pastry. There are so many different kinds of buns to choose from...curry beef, bbq pork, hot dog, spam and egg, ham and egg, tuna, and even plain. My kids love the hotdog buns. I'm partial to the curry beef or tuna.

Today I saw these pastries all wrapped up and looking so pretty. I'm not sure what they are called but I'm guessing they are "wedding" pastries. They usually have lotus paste, red bean or wintermelon. It's a bit too rich for my tastes.

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  1. MMMMM...the smell of the bakery when they pull out their freshly baked goods are irresistible and so are your pictures of them.