Dinner at Congee Queen

I've been so lazy lately...we've been eating out way too much. Lately our favourite place is Congee Queen. I love the ambience and the food is so tasty. And can you believe all this was less than $40 after tax and tip?
Soya sauce beef fried noodle
Deep fried squid
Dried Oyster and Pork Congee
Sweet and sour pork

Funny Faces - Birthday Cupcakes

My girlfriend asked me to make her son's birthday cupcakes this year since she was expecting her third baby and didn't know when he was going to make his debut. She didn't want the stress of wondering what would happen if the baby arrived so close to his birthday that she wouldn't have time to arrange anything.

Well she supplied me with the loot and this is what I came up with. She found some funny face Easter eggs from the dollar store and we filled them with finger lights, stickers and balloons. I added the funky hair and here is the final result.
And this one is my favourite...