Nachos and Wings - Jack Astor's, Toronto

I've only recently discovered nachos. Can you believe that? I'm almost 40 and I hadn't had nachos until maybe three years ago. My girlfriends and I went to eat at Jack Astor's for nachos and wings on the weekend. The nachos there was alright. I've had better. We ordered two pounds of wings. We like them lightly dusted.

We ordered one pound mild...and the other honey garlic. I have to admit that these wings were pretty good. Loved the honey garlic sauce. Perfect blend of honey and garlic. Mouthwatering good!!


  1. Nachos and buffalo wings are awesome especially when watching sports. You can get so many different varieties of them.

  2. I loooove nachos, but I always forget about making them at home. I just had them at Applebee's recently and they were pretty good! My hubby loves buffalo wings, he likes hot sauce now on everything, even salmon!

    btw, I've given your fabulous blog an award in my latest post.


  3. Some of my friends dragged me to Jack Astors a while back, and it was a lot of fun. The wings were pretty good; they were all into the pan bread. I've been told that the best wings are from Duffs in Buffalo and that they have a Duffs in Toronto. Maybe you want to look into it?