Kenny's Gourmet - Richmond Hill, Toronto

I'm still recuperating from the Easter weekend. We had a lot of eating and one of the meals was at my friend's home. She ordered food from Kenny's Gourmet (Major Mackenzie, west of Leslie) in Richmond Hill. The food is Hong Kong style Chinese food. I used to work in Hong Kong so I miss this kind of food. Jenny ordered some amazing dishes.

Dungenous crab fried in minced pork and garlic.
Shrimp in an egg white sauce over a bed of fried rice.
Sweet and Sour pork.
My favourite...fried ramen noodles with beef.
Another one of my favourites...portuguese style chicken on a bed of fried rice.
My friend Jerry brought along a traditional Chinese dessert made by his mom called Put Jie Goh. I haven't had this in ages and it was definitely my choice for dessert that night.

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