Go for Tea - Toronto - Taiwanese Cuisine

I've eaten at Go for Tea at least three times last week. It is my friend's favourite place and wh had to indulge her before she left for home. I'm embarrassed to say that too much eating has caused my muffin top to grow another muffin top. It's definitely not pretty...

Of course I had to order my favourite...honeydew slush with bubbles.

Here are some of the dishes that we had on our last trip there.

Fried tofu with garlic sauce...you'll be tasting this for days...

Condensed milk toast. A thick slice of bread with condensed milk toasted until browned. It's yummy but would be tastier with some peanut butter.


  1. that honeydew slush looks so refreshing. I second what Tangled noodles has said, too.

  2. Condensed milk on toast- can't say I've ever heard of it- sounds like good comfort food :)

  3. the condensed milk on toast is interesting, especially that it is Taiwanese. I have tasted a lot of Chinese desserts, here in Hawaii, but this one is new...thanks for the info!

  4. I'm so gonna move to toronto now..! i missed my bubble tea..!!