Spicy Dragon - Toronto - Hakka Chinese Food

I was tired from a busy weekend so we decided to go out for dinner. I wanted to try a new Hakka Chinese Restaurant, Spicy Dragon, that got rave reviews from my cousin. Hakka Chinese food is quite spicy and a nice change from the usual.

Tonight we ordered...

Crispy Chicken Wings...this was the kids' favourite.
Hakka Chow Mein...this was perfect tonight...not too greasy.

Sweet & Sour Fish...could have been more sweet and sour...
Chili Chicken
This was my favourite of the night. Crispy and spicy.


  1. lovely good to eat out once in a while

  2. Looks so good it's making me hungry!

  3. I want some that sweet & sour fish and the chili chicken.

  4. My tummy's growling looking at your food. I want some of those chicken wings, chow mein, and chili chicken! Heck, I want all of it! I better go eat some breakfast before I start gnawing on the monitor.

  5. seriously, those dishes doesn't look like Hakka dishes :)

  6. As usual, it all looks so good. I need to go to Toronto . . .