Duff's Famous Wings - Toronto

I blogged about chicken wings a couple of weeks ago and someone commented that I should try Duff's because they have the best wings around. My curiosity was tweaked and I couldn't get my mind off of these amazing chicken wings. I had to try them!

I'm not claiming that I am a connoisseur of wings...I'm not...but I do know what I like.

As soon as you walk in you see this sign up on the wall. I thought...83 wings? That's it? I could do that! Wings are mainly bones anyway so there isn't much meat. I was starving so my eyes were much bigger than my tummy.

There were three of us and we were sure we could eat at least 15 wings. We ordered the 50 wing special with three flavours...honey garlic, bbq and medium mild. Their claim is that the medium is HOT so we didn't want to burn our mouths.

It comes with celery and blue cheese or dill dipping sauce.

We were hungry so we also ordered the spicy onion petals. They were tasty and just the right amount of heat.

Medium Mild
Honey Garlic
I'm not going to say these are the best wings I've ever had. After eating so many wings I don't even think I'm a wing person. After eating 15 wings I felt so full...too much meat...I guess I wouldn't have done well in that eating competition. I still like my wings at Casey's...medium dusted as a side to go with my nachos.


  1. wow they look a bit too much wings are so good the first few bites but if you are a healthy eater normally its tough!

  2. Sometimes with highly spiced food I lose the ability to differentiate and it all begins to taste the same.

  3. I could give 50 a try, but after eating the celery I get so full!

    Sounds and looks great...

  4. Those are some tasty looking wings!!!!

  5. They look gooey and delicious but I don't know if I could eat that many!

  6. Those wings did look pretty good but it probably didn't feel good after eating so much!