I love mangoes!!

I love mangoes! I've noticed that mangoes have returned to the grocery stores lately. I had my first taste this morning and I was in heaven. It was unbelievably sweet. My friend showed me a cute way of serving or cutting a mango.
First wash mango thoroughly and with a sharp knife cut the mango twice along the seed. Score the two sides so that you have a small grid pattern.Holding with two hands push the centre upwards and you will get this cute edible porcupine. You can also cut the squares off into a small dish but I like to serve mine like this.

Of course don't forget to peel the skin off around the pit and eat that in the privacy of your kitchen. It can get pretty ugly eating that pit...juices running off your chin and elbows as you slurp up all that sweet nectar....I usually have to wash my arms and face and maybe floss before greeting my guests.


  1. i love them too, the best ones I have ever had were in India, yum

  2. I absolutely love mango too! I particularly enjoy this fruit cut into 1" cubes and frozen. I also like mango because it can be eaten with a "fork."

    Thanks for sharing.
    ~Anthony Sepe

  3. Thats so funny. A perfect picture of me at the sink sucking on my mango pit with juice running down my arm. And the floss in hand afterward when it is overly fiberous. Have you tried champagne mangoes. You never have that floss problem with those.

    Another fine example of great minds thinking alike!

  4. Ironically, I just had some fresh mango.

  5. Thanks for sharing the tips on how to slice it! love mangoes too!

  6. I love mangoes .. after seein this pic, I'm tempted!