Thai Red Curry Salmon

We grabbed lunch and shopped at my favourite place, Costco, for groceries today. It's a bit overwhelming to be there on a Sunday afternoon but we need provisions desperately. As a treat, we decided to buy salmon for dinner tonight. A treat because it's usually pricey compared to chicken and beef and because it's my husband that usually prepares it. The kids love it panfried with some soysauce and a cornstarch crust. I hate frying fish so this is one of the only dishes that my husband cooks.

As we finished our shopping, I remembered my cousin had made a delicious red curry and salmon dish for our potluck a few weeks back. I decided I would have my hand at making that tonight too. was as delicious as I remembered it. The coconut milk gave the dish a creamy sweetness, the fish sauce lent a bit of saltiness and the red curry spiced things up. My mouth waters as I type this and I just finished eating about 5 min. ago. This will definitely be one of my favourites!
Here is the recipe on my website:

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