No self control...

It's pizza lunch today which means the kids had lunch at school and I've been nibbling all day.

This morning, I grabbed half of a beef patty and cocobun for breakfast as I ran my errands. When I picked up my daughter, we came home and I made myself a cup of tea. I was still tasting the beef patty from an hour ago so I thought I would be good for a couple of hours. However, as I watched the news at noon, I thought I should just make myself something light and healthy for lunch. Scooping a bowl of three bean salad from Costco, I tried to pretend that it was a satisfying and delicious lunch. However, something that is both low in calories and high in protein proves to be more of a tease than a meal.

Well...I definitely wasn't satisfied because half an hour later I was scrounging the pantry for some chips for my daughter's friends who were here for a playdate. They weren't interested but I helped myself to three tiny bowls since it was out and opened already. Don't want them to go stale...hehehe.

Another cup of tea and now I'm wondering why my mouth feels so tummy still feels so empty...and the food made on the Food Network looks so divine...

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