Cheap Chocolate

Even cheap chocolate taste better if you make the effort to make it special...
I received some drugstore bought chocolates this Christmas and finally opened the box last week. I popped a few in my mouth...nothing's chocolate...but today I decided that it was unfair to this poor box of chocolate and to the the sender to dismiss it just because of it's price. So I decided to stick a fork in it and you know what? It actually tasted yummy. Of course, even in my wildest imaginations, it didn't taste like Godiva chocolate...but it tasted sweeter...creamier...than I remembered. I guess it's all about presentation and perception...maybe I'll be eating my chocolates with a fork from now on...


  1. Hi Screamin' Mama,
    Great new blog. Love your "ABOUT ME". You are the ultimate foodie blogger yet, I mean, chocolate before 8:13 am!
    I'm adding you to my Google Reader right now.
    Your newest blog follower,

  2. Thanks Cate! When dealing with crazy kids chocolate is good any time of the day or night.

  3. Oh, everything's always better when it's chocolate— doesn't even matter where it came from (although in my case, it's gotta be vegan). Saw you on FoodBuzz. Love your stuff :D

  4. i was on a mission "no chocolate for a month program" and then i saw this post...i broke my sobriety...=P..maybe next month..

  5. Back when I was at junior school, we played this game (for some random reason) where you had a pair of boxing gloves on and had to cut out a square of chocolate with a fork and eat it - still remember now the triumph of getting it on the fork and how good it tasted! Well worth the hard work.

    Hungry Jenny x

  6. Hmmm...that's a very challenging game...what kids will think up...:o).