Dinner for breakfast?

It's only 9:50am and I'm stuffed!! I visited my "mum" today to colour her hair and she made me a Guyanese meal for breakfast. I'm always saying I'm turning Guyanese because I love everything that "mum" makes. Before I met my best friend, I had never really eaten West Indian food before. Now, I'm slowly learning to make my own.

I remember the first time I had eaten at her house my mouth was literally on fire. I couldn't talk for almost 10 minutes because my lips and tongue were numb. Now I add pepper sauce to everything. Even my egg and tuna salad sandwiches taste boring without a little bit of pepper. Mum makes her own pepper sauce and I swear you only need to dip your fork into it...any more and you'll be crying!

Today she served me some channa and jerk chicken. It's very tasty and so easy to make. She made her Channa with some chickpeas and another bean and sauteed it with some onion and pepper. Salt to taste. The jerk chicken is rubbed with some jerk seasoning and baked. It was a very hearty breakfast...don't think I will be having any lunch today.

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