Potluck Birthday Feast with Cousins and Friends

And the celebrating continues...

I had lunch at my cousin's house on Friday and had a feast! The spread is always amazing but it was even more so this time since we were celebrating my birthday. I'm so grateful that I've been blessed with such great family and friends. It really made this milestone birthday unforgettable.

Here is what was on the menu...

Birthday cookies
Sushi Platter
Broccoli Salad
Lemongrass Chicken with steamed rice
Lichee cupcakes with Coconut Flavoured Icing
Tapioca Dessert with Mango Puree
Mango Puree with Tapioca Dessert


  1. Happy Birthday yum great food, so pleased you had fun LOL

  2. happy Birthday,cupcakes looks so tempting

  3. This was truly a feast. A belated Happy Birthday from me to you. Blessings...Mary

  4. Wow that's some treat. Belated birthday wishes. I am sure you had a great time :-)

  5. What a delicious spread - I want a little bit of each, especially the lemongrass chicken! Keep celebrating - the party isn't over yet! 8-)

  6. Lychee cupcakes! wow! that's an idea! Stay happy, stay healthy, and above all, stay yummy ya :)

  7. So cool!!When is the next party? I'd love to see what you come out next ;)