Chicken Souvlaki - Birthday Dinner

I'm a bit behind in my entries. Sorry. I've just been so busy celebrating my milestone birthday, 40! Hubby was away on business and didn't get home until dinner so I decided that instead of going out I would make a homemade dinner. I'm shocked to say that I'm actually kinda sick of eating out...I've been doing way too much this month.

I marinated my chicken breast in President's Choice Memories of Greece for about an hour and then grilled it on the bbq. I had bought President's Choice Tsatziki Sauce to go with it. I LOVE tsatziki sauce. I can't have Greek food without it. I have to admit was pretty delicious. Great birthday meal even if I had to cook it myself!


  1. Hey, Mama. I think I missed sending birthday wishes your way. Sorry and a very Happy Belated Birthday to You. I'll do better next time :-).

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I celebrated my 40th last month and so far so good! 8-)

    Even though your husband was away, it looks like you know how to celebrate - this looks so delicious!

  3. Thanks for the buzz updates. Cupcakes look great!