Homemade Pizza

It's been a week and I'm still loving my breadmaker. I've only made the sweet dough but on the weekend I tried making pizza with the kids. I love this sweet dough recipe. It makes delicious dinner rolls and now I've discovered very tasty thin crust pizza.

Here are the results...

Half pepperoni and half cheese

Chicken with bbq sauce

My eldest son said it was even better than store bought pizza...perhaps I can give Delissio a run for their money!!


  1. Oh yum! Pasta, now Pizza, I am Italian this week that is for sure...

  2. I am salivating - fresh, home made crust with yummy toppings.

  3. That really looks delicious. It sounds like you are giving your new bread maker a workout.

  4. Beautiful! And you can't beat a kid telling you it's better than store bought!

  5. This is the last step to our weekly pizza nights - a homemade pizza crust! Thanks for the basic dough recipe. 8-)