Who Who's Birthday? - Owl Cupcakes

It's another birthday for my daughter and son born one week apart. They always get ripped off because they have to share their birthday parties. I'm lucky because I only have to prepare once. It's getting hard to think of new ideas for their birthday cakes since Dora and Power Rangers are too baby for them now.

Luckily my sister gave me "Hello, Cupcake!" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson as a thank you gift one time after making her daughter's cake. I browsed quickly through it to get some ideas and picked one of the easier ones this time

Owl Cupcakes
These cupcakes were quite simple to make.


Chocolate Cake Mix
Chocolate Canned Icing
Oreo cookies
Yellow Smarties
Heart shaped sprinkles

Microwave the Oreo cookies for 15 second to soften the creme to make it easier to separate. Cut the Oreo cookie side without creme with a serrated knife into thirds. Using the rounded edges for the ears.

Frost the cupcakes thinly with icing. Place the Oreo cookies with creme for the eyes and the Oreo cookie thirds for the ears on the cupcakes. Ice feathers for the ears and around the eyes. Place Smartie sideways for the beak. The book uses brown Smarties for the eyes but since I didn't have enough I just iced eyes with the brown icing and found some heart shaped sprinkle to place in the middle. Voila!

I made a one layer cake and placed the cupcakes around. Here is the final product.


  1. These are so cute and pretty. Happy Birthday to your daughter :D

  2. What a fun cake! How creative you are, and I love how our cake designs have become so imaginative over the years...I always wanted a barbie cake, silly me!

  3. What an amazing cake!!! It looks SO good!! Mmmm...

  4. Such a cute idea! Happy Birthday to your kids--have fun!

  5. This is a really cute idea. You really do an amazing job, especially with the party cakes. The kids will be thrilled.

  6. lol. I love the oreo eyes. They look like they're really looking at you!!!

  7. want some news?


  8. Very cute cupcakes! Perfect birthday treats!

  9. ahhh.. this is too cute! i'm so going to try and make these one day!